Where the journey into the green Savannah grassland in the wilderness begins! Savannah Safaris is an African safari company offering thrilling tailor-made safaris and small group tours to the wilderness of East Africa.

Why Choose us?

With more than 5+ years of on the ground experience in Uganda our International Safari advisors and trip coordinators will assure you receive everything you dream of and more from your Savannah Safaris adventures.

We take you through Exploring, the Pearl of Africas hidden treasures (Uganda) , from the rare mysterious mountain gorillas where you get face to face, then to the mouth (source) of the longest river (NILE river) where it stretches it's long journey into the meditrerean sea . Travel through the land of thousands hills, the Europe of Africa (Rwanda) for the endangered mountain gorillas and diverse culture.

The Gentle Giants Of Bwindi Forest

"The relatively little time we have passed in the presence of one of Earth’s rarest and most majestic animals has made us some of the luckiest people in the world." ~ Elizabeth

Discover the land of massai people

The great migration of large herds of wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania, while still in Tanzania you can decide to take circuit to the highest point of Africa (mount Kilimanjaro). End your adventurous and memorable safari by getway to the white sand beaches of Zanzibar and magical islands within East Africa.

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